Learning Styles and Ballroom Dances?

The better dance teachers will teach for the different ways in which students learn.

Visual, Kinesthetic And Auditory

There are three main learning styles: Visual (learn by seeing), Kinesthetic (learn by doing and feeling), and Auditory (learn by hearing). Most people have a primary learning style; the one that works the best for them.

Be a better dance partner

How to be a good dance partner:

There’s more to just dancing well than learning the steps. One of the most important parts of being a good dancer is learning to be a good dance partner. At Chicago Dance we structure our classes to let our students learn to dance with many different partners.

Your Wedding First Dance Song

What is your special song?
If you do have one, is it 'danceable?'

Don't stress about your first dance.  Once you have picked a song, the rest of the decisions flow easily. If you have a special song, use it!  If you are working with a dance instructor, they will help make a dance that is appropriate to your song, whether the song is 'danceable' or not.

The Foxtrot

The Foxtrot is a smooth, progressive dance similar in appearance to the Waltz.

American Style Foxtrot (in a social style) is frequently one of the first dances taught to new students. American Style Social Foxtrot is similar to the 'rhythm step' used by many International Style instructors to introduce dancing to beginners.