How Much Does It Cost to Learn How to Dance

 Recently in a conversation with a longstanding customer who I’ll call “Beth," she referenced the costs for dance lessons. With a big smirk Beth said, “Gregory, you said it’s about $10,000 to become a dancer...that seems like a good deal.” Her smirk was because the initial budget she spent for her dancing was about 10x that number.

What Songs Should You Choose For Your Wedding? – Infographic

You will have to make a number of important decisions in preparation for your wedding day, not least the music that you intend to use for each part of the day. Choosing a song or composition can be tricky, particularly if you and your partner have differing ideas as to what you want, but if you both hit upon the right selection, particularly for the signing of the register or the first dance, it will create a mood that will really enhance your big day.

Breakthrough and Dance Like Nobody Is Watching

“Dance like nobody’s watching,” may be overused! It’s still true. You are taking dance classes because you want to learn to dance, or improve your skills. If you and the rest of our students were already world champion dancers, you wouldn’t need dance lessons, and we would be out of a job!

Some people fear dancing because they feel they don’t have rhythm or that they will look bad on the dance floor.

More Variety Makes You a Better Dancer

I believe that learning several different styles of dance can help you to become a more versatile dancer. The reason for this is that many of the dances you can learn at Chicago Dance share similar elements, and having variety in your classes will help improve your grasp of the mechanics of each dance style and the technique involved.

Romance, Dance and Courtship

This is a very interesting article about dance from the Harvard Medical School.  Dance allows females to discover the quality of a male's genes through dance,  demonstrating his health, stamina and neuromuscular control.

Ah, courtship. That crazy time when you’ll do almost anything to show off for your potential mate: drink too much, fight with rivals, play chicken with cars, and generally behave in ways that make you shudder in later life.

When should you start preparing your wedding dance?

How far in advance should we start preparing for our first dance at the reception? We have a year before our wedding.

Make your wedding dance part of the planning from the very beginning.

If you start right away, even a year before your wedding, you will have much more fun and the experience will be less stressful.

3 Easy Tips to More Smooth Moves on the Social Dance Floor

It's not as hard to be smooth in your dancing as you may think. And once you know what your are doing with some basic moves, you can score points in lots of different situations.

You don't have to reach a particularly high standard to have fun!!!

You just need to be good enough that you can get on the dance floor, blend in with everyone else, not feel like an idiot or uncomfortable while you're on the dance floor.